NFT Collection: unknown (YATC) Network: Ethereum : ERC721 Total Supply: 520
Floor Price: 0 ETH
YATC's positioning is the highest glory hall for Web3 Gamers. There are 520 YATCs in total, with top privileges of Matr1x Ecosystem. TOTAL SUPPLY=520, CONTRIBUTORS=50%, RESERVE = 50% YATC, our champion totem NFT project, embodies our commitment to thriving for success, breaking through boundaries, and holding onto our dreams. Our goal is to bring honor to the web3 industry by embodying the spirit of pursuing a championship. YATC comprises eight distinct categories, each with its unique significance: **Matr1x, Hope, Zeal, Sanctuary, Eternity, Cavalier, Warrior, Fighter. ** **LET'S FIGHT FOR THE GLORY OF WEB3!** Matr1x 2061 collection:[]( Read more on our Twitter: [@matr1xoffical]( and official website:[](
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