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Featured Crypto Wallet
Bitcoin wallet
The Bitcoin wallet address from which the FBI seized partial funds traced to the 2021 ransomware attack that shut the Colonial Pipeline down for six days.
USD Balance:
Native Balance:
0.00099099 BTC
Total Received USD:
$2,890,618.99 USD
Total Spent USD:
$2,704,259.30 USD
First Received:
2021-05-27 9:06 pm CDT
Last Received:
2023-04-18 9:56 am CDT
First Spent:
2021-06-07 11:45 am CDT
Last Spent:
2021-06-07 11:53 am CDT
Output Count:
Unspent Output Count:
Transaction Count:
ERC-20 USD Balance:
0.00 USD
This wallet contains no ERC-20 Token Balances.
Transaction Count: 4 Most recent transactions:
2023-04-18 14:56:35
0.00099099 BTC
2021-06-07 16:53:24
-5.90422177 BTC
2021-06-07 16:45:41
-63.70000000 BTC
2021-05-28 02:06:11
69.60422177 BTC

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Wallet last updated 2024-04-23 00:48:04 CST
Current Top 50 Tokens by Market Cap
Prices shown are as of 2024-04-23 00:30:15 CST
Current Top 50 NFT Collections by Trading Volume
1) Pudgy Penguins
Average Price: $32,833.56

Floor Price: $35,079.00 6.6%
2) Ethlizards
Average Price: $6,993.89

Floor Price: $1,412.82 31.74%
3) Bored Ape Yacht Club
Average Price: $38,678.19

Floor Price: $38,791.00 0.47%
4) Mutant Ape Yacht Club
Average Price: $7,271.55

Floor Price: $7,073.66 2.26%
5) DeGods
Average Price: $4,599.59

Floor Price: $4,956.42 18.85%
6) Milady Maker
Average Price: $15,219.62

Floor Price: $15,760.17 1.61%
7) My Pet Hooligan
Average Price: $2,013.74

Floor Price: $1,714.12 43.22%
8) QBX Founders Key
Average Price: $2,859.87

Floor Price: $3,336.05 8.95%
9) CryptoPunks
Average Price: $197,145.00

Floor Price: $122,233.00 1.75%
10) Azuki
Average Price: $12,518.21

Floor Price: $12,635.44 1.99%
11) Redacted Remilio Babies
Average Price: $6,646.92

Floor Price: $6,070.35 5.07%
12) Lil Pudgys
Average Price: $2,783.89

Floor Price: $2,974.85 8.81%
13) TOPIA Worlds
Average Price: $2,893.21

Floor Price: $2,675.20 15.86%
14) Forked Nouns
Average Price: $112,790.50

Floor Price: $116,762.00 0.74%
15) Captainz
Average Price: $10,376.10

Floor Price: $10,664.47 2.53%
16) Lasogette
Average Price: $2,179.54

Floor Price: $2,476.40 22.3%
Average Price: $0.00

Floor Price: $35.03 0%
18) Kanpai Pandas
Average Price: $5,115.00

Floor Price: $5,180.91 1.58%
19) Terraforms By Mathcastles
Average Price: $3,490.94

Floor Price: $3,425.68 0.13%
20) Pixelmon
Average Price: $5,041.33

Floor Price: $4,851.20 5.89%
21) AnarKey
Average Price: $9,753.54

Floor Price: $139.20 20.59%
22) Bit Bears By Berachain
Average Price: $13,235.78

Floor Price: $14,087.00 1.5%
23) Clone X
Average Price: $1,748.58

Floor Price: $1,580.14 0.25%
Average Price: $4,996.91

Floor Price: $5,004.08 1.6%
25) Honey Comb
Average Price: $740.62

Floor Price: $739.71 10.72%
26) Ultiverse Electric Sheep
Average Price: $4,427.85

Floor Price: $4,444.72 2.77%
27) Mocaverse
Average Price: $13,467.50

Floor Price: $13,651.94 5.31%
28) Bored Ape Kennel Club
Average Price: $1,528.22

Floor Price: $1,635.07 19.78%
29) Sappy Seals
Average Price: $2,360.58

Floor Price: $2,457.35 3.82%
30) Opepen Edition
Average Price: $649.37

Floor Price: $517.19 4.45%
31) Pixels Farm Land
Average Price: $6,613.00

Floor Price: $5,330.65 1.8%
32) Ether Cards Founder
Average Price: $9,404.14

Floor Price: $219.94 0.06%
33) IO: Imaginary Ones
Average Price: $3,339.58

Floor Price: $3,646.37 14.57%
34) Wonders Of The First: Existence (Serialized Booster Boxes)
Average Price: $15,900.00

Floor Price: $395.46 0%
35) Neo Tokyo Punks NFT
Average Price: $31,776.00

Floor Price: $393.16 49.27%
36) AI Predicts 2050
Average Price: $6,744.00

Floor Price: $14.35 0%
37) DigiDaigaku
Average Price: $7,987.14

Floor Price: $8,470.62 2.12%
38) Azra Games The Hopeful
Average Price: $3,720.93

Floor Price: $3,736.79 0.99%
39) Checks VV Edition
Average Price: $909.38

Floor Price: $1,012.47 10.07%
40) Skyborne NexianGems
Average Price: $2,958.24

Floor Price: $3,006.62 4.23%
41) Proof Of Narnian NFT
Average Price: $1,824.44

Floor Price: $1,889.06 0%
42) Moonbirds
Average Price: $1,906.28

Floor Price: $1,584.96 0.2%
43) BlockGames Dice
Average Price: $422.04

Floor Price: $279.63 13.58%
44) Persona
Average Price: $750.18

Floor Price: $666.73 0.58%
45) TODAY Ancient Seed
Average Price: $4,396.30

Floor Price: $5,235.40 39.85%
46) SERAPH Soul Series
Average Price: $3,354.85

Floor Price: $730.22 2.12%
47) Azuki Elementals
Average Price: $1,908.32

Floor Price: $1,195.98 1.18%
48) Baby Bears
Average Price: $41,274.00

Floor Price: $42,544.00 4.25%
49) Pandora
Average Price: $5,907.14

Floor Price: $10,217.79 5.43%
50) Muraqqa
Average Price: $10,208.50

Floor Price: $14,366.90 11.96%
Prices shown are as of 2024-04-23 00:30:16 CST
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After SEC is criticized by a federal judge for an abuse of power, two lead attorneys resigned this month.
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After India and the Philippines, Another Country Decided to Ban Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Platforms!

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Pro-crypto lawyer John Deaton files to appear as counsel in the SEC’s case against Coinbase

Crypto lawyer John Deaton is asking to lend a hand to Coinbase customers in the exchange's ongoing lawsuit with the SEC.
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Efforts to expedite Anjarwalla's extradition involve cooperation between various law enforcement agencies, including the EFCC, the Nigeria Police Forc...
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Thailand plans to block unauthorized crypto platforms from local users

The Thai SEC expects that blocking access will help law enforcement to prevent criminals from using such platforms for wrongdoing.
2024-04-22 08:59:13
Thailand Set to Block Access to Unlicensed Crypto Platforms

Thailand is poised to restrict access to unauthorized crypto platforms. The move is driven by concerns over law enforcement effectiveness and the pote...
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XRP Whale Transfers 129M XRP Amid Ripple Vs SEC Lawsuit Speculations

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Sam Bankman-Fried Turns Rat, Cooperates In Lawsuit Vs. FTX Celebrity Backers

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Lawyers to challenge SEC on XRP case this Monday. XRP price recently recovered, rising 5.55% to $0.53.Continue Reading:XRP Coin’s Legal Challeng...
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Nigerian Court Adjourns Binance Tax Evasion Trial To May 17

A Nigerian court has rescheduled the hearing of a tax evasion lawsuit against Binance and some of its executives to May 17. This adjournment represent...
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Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit Update: Potential Supreme Court Showdown and $2 Billion Penalty Battle

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A group of cryptocurrency users involved in a class-action lawsuit against former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has recently reached a proposed settlement...
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SEC Vs Justin Sun Case Update: Regulator Provides Additional Information In Lawsuit Against Tron Founder

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed new court documents in its ongoing lawsuit against Justin Sun, the founder of the...
2024-04-19 19:42:15
Telegram to Introduce USDT Payments With Telegram Wallet and the Open Network

Telegram and Tether are joining forces to bring users the ability to send USDT payments through The Open Network (TON) and Telegram wallet, the founde...
2024-04-19 16:33:14
SEC Reworks Justin Sun Tron Lawsuit, Claims Founder “Traveled Extensively”

The United States Securities and Exchange commission (SEC) has edited its Tron lawsuit against Justin Sun and his companies the Tron Foundation, the B...
2024-04-19 13:18:10
How Ripple vs SEC Challenges Shape XRP’s Market Outlook

The post How Ripple vs SEC Challenges Shape XRP’s Market Outlook appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News As Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC...
2024-04-19 10:31:07
SEC Claims Justin Sun’s Extensive US Travels, Swinging Lawsuit in Their Favor

The post SEC Claims Justin Sun’s Extensive US Travels, Swinging Lawsuit in Their Favor appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The United State...
2024-04-18 18:18:06
Ethereum Developer Company Responds to ETH’s Alleged Threat of a Lawsuit from the SEC

Following allegations that the SEC is investigating the Ethereum Foundation, Consensys, one of the developers of ETH, made a statement on the issue....
2024-04-18 09:01:26
$11M Seized from Top British-Indian Businessman in Multi-Million Dollar Bitcoin Scam

India’s law enforcement authorities confiscated properties worth $11m owned by businessman Raj Kundra as part of an investigation related to an allege...
2024-04-18 07:36:21
Bitcoin: the fake Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, has withdrawn the lawsuit against the developers

The Tulip Trust case has also been closed because it no longer made sense to continue with it.
2024-04-18 06:30:56
XRP Lawsuit Likely To Reach Supreme Court, Ex-SEC Crypto Chief

The XRP lawsuit between Ripple Labs and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the status of XRP as a security is poised to escalate to...
2024-04-18 03:46:26
Binance seeks to re-enter India by paying $2 million in penalty: report

It will reportedly return as a registered entity that is compliant with local anti-money laundering laws and tax rules.
2024-04-18 02:22:49
Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit Update: Preparing for April 22nd as Supreme Court Showdown Looms

The post Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit Update: Preparing for April 22nd as Supreme Court Showdown Looms appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Amidst regul...
2024-04-18 02:00:29
Is the SEC ‘suppressing XRP’? 20% drop in 7 days raises questions

Is the SEC lawsuit against Ripple a suppression tactic or post-trial gains?
2024-04-17 23:30:42
Ukrainian Lawmaker to Face Trial Over Alleged Bitcoin Bribes

A Ukrainian lawmaker is set to stand trial after allegedly trying to bribe a government official with $10,000 worth of Bitcoin, anti-corruption offici...
2024-04-17 17:41:34
Elon Musk-Themed Meme Coin Skyrockets 26,896% on Solana, as Another Hidden Meme Coin Hits $5.5M

Solana meme coin markets remain explosive despite the crypto market downturn, and now Elawn Moosk token is the latest Elon Musk-themed token to explod...
2024-04-17 13:09:57
The US Senators Lummis and Gillibrand lead a new legislation on Stablecoin

In a typical Wednesday in Washington, US Senators Cynthia Lummis and Kirsten Gillibrand took a significant step forward in the field of cryptocurrency...
2024-04-17 12:54:54
Exploring the New US Cryptocurrency Legislation

New drafts are being prepared globally for cryptocurrency laws. US situation complicated due to upcoming November elections.Continue Reading:Exploring...
2024-04-17 11:00:08
Ripple Vs. SEC Saga: CLO Provides Clarity On Next Steps In Lawsuit

As Ripple Labs navigates its legal dispute with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the firm’s Chief Legal Officer (CLO)...
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Ripple (XRP) CEO Controversy Again Amid Kelexo (KLXO) Lending Presale Boom & Bitcoin (BTC) Third Phase Surge

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Norway Draws The Line: Crypto Mining Faces Ban Over Energy Usage

The Norwegian government has enacted a new law aimed at reining in the burgeoning industry of crypto mining. The law, disclosed in a report by local n...
2024-04-17 03:00:18
Worldcoin Faces $1.2 Million Fine In Argentina For Law Violations; WLD’s Price Reacts

In recent months, Sam Altman’s open-source protocol Worldcoin (WLD) has faced increasing legal challenges as Portugal and Spain cracked down on...
2024-04-16 20:00:46
Binance’s $4.3 Billion Settlement Faces DOJ Scrutiny Over FTX Ties In Monitorship Decision

In recent developments, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has been reevaluating its choice of law firm to oversee the cryptocurrency exchange Binance...
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