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Featured Crypto Wallet
Justin Bieber's Wallet
Ethereum wallet
This wallet is believed to belong to Justin Bieber, widely corroborated by OpenSea and other sites.
ERC-20 Tokens
Wallet Net Worth:
Native Balance USD:
ERC-20 Token Balance USD:
Native Balance:
146.47811321 ETH
Total Received USD:
$2,393,414.03 USD
Total Spent:
792.427 ETH
Total Spent USD:
$2,053,693.69 USD
First Received:
2021-12-26 12:20 am CST
Last Received:
2024-03-28 10:52 pm CDT
First Spent:
2021-12-26 6:10 pm CST
Last Spent:
2022-05-01 1:51 pm CDT
Transaction Count:
ERC-20 USD Balance:
$ 20,105.37 USD
USD Price
USD Value
Portfolio %
logo Ether (ETH)
logo ApeCoin (APE)
logo Dione (Dione)
logo Collector Coin (AGS)
logo AssangeDAO (JUSTICE)
logo PepeXL (PEPEXL)
logo The HUSL (HUSL)
logo JACY (JACY)
logo Chain (XCN)
logo Dact Coin (DACT)
logo Jesus Coin (JESUS)
logo Pepe Longstocking (PPLS)
logo The Doge NFT (DOG)
logo Signata (SATA)
Transaction Count: 56 Most recent transactions:

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Wallet last updated 2024-05-26 17:12:30 CST
Current Top 50 Tokens by Market Cap
Prices shown are as of 2024-05-26 17:00:15 CST
Current Top 50 NFT Collections by Trading Volume
1) Milady Maker
Average Price: $19,470.20

Floor Price: $19,670.15 5.29%
2) Bored Ape Yacht Club
Average Price: $47,830.47

Floor Price: $47,709.00 2.11%
3) Mutant Ape Yacht Club
Average Price: $8,329.95

Floor Price: $8,220.86 3.18%
4) Pixelmon
Average Price: $4,994.40

Floor Price: $4,878.94 3.53%
5) Redacted Remilio Babies
Average Price: $6,095.14

Floor Price: $6,287.29 7.99%
6) Pudgy Penguins
Average Price: $40,539.33

Floor Price: $41,297.00 6.01%
7) DeGods
Average Price: $5,131.21

Floor Price: $5,151.03 3.76%
8) Captainz
Average Price: $12,169.63

Floor Price: $13,007.43 4.76%
9) Forked Nouns
Average Price: $137,027.50

Floor Price: $141,852.00 0.74%
10) Kanpai Pandas
Average Price: $4,341.88

Floor Price: $4,340.94 0.79%
11) Lil Pudgys
Average Price: $3,307.22

Floor Price: $3,280.93 4.21%
Average Price: $0.00

Floor Price: $42.46 0%
13) Pixelmon Trainers Generation 1
Average Price: $1,098.29

Floor Price: $865.75 11.41%
14) Azuki
Average Price: $16,965.90

Floor Price: $16,786.81 0.09%
15) Azuki Elementals
Average Price: $3,203.38

Floor Price: $1,528.37 4.44%
16) CryptoPunks
Average Price: $134,461.00

Floor Price: $133,461.00 2.14%
Average Price: $5,500.50

Floor Price: $5,596.89 3.74%
18) Azra Games The Hopeful
Average Price: $3,424.47

Floor Price: $3,396.69 6.82%
19) Skyborne NexianGems
Average Price: $3,709.71

Floor Price: $4,019.19 5.39%
20) Mocaverse
Average Price: $13,916.20

Floor Price: $15,122.01 2.86%
21) Clone X
Average Price: $2,308.86

Floor Price: $1,839.24 8.5%
22) Wolf Game
Average Price: $710.38

Floor Price: $554.37 8.42%
23) Sappy Seals
Average Price: $1,616.14

Floor Price: $1,539.11 0.96%
24) Async Blueprints
Average Price: $19,268.33

Floor Price: $19.26 77.06%
25) Overworld Incarna
Average Price: $4,229.77

Floor Price: $3,702.82 17.85%
26) PXQuest Adventurer
Average Price: $1,742.55

Floor Price: $1,823.23 6.56%
27) Unknown Collection Title
Average Price: $0.00
28) Muraqqa
Average Price: $12,338.00

Floor Price: $17,364.02 11.96%
29) Lasogette
Average Price: $614.94

Floor Price: $627.19 10.21%
30) Pixels Farm Land
Average Price: $5,220.63

Floor Price: $5,091.63 0.33%
31) Mfers
Average Price: $1,507.92

Floor Price: $1,289.21 0.81%
32) Pirate Nation Founder's Pirates
Average Price: $0.00

Floor Price: $1,786.47 1.99%
33) Doodles
Average Price: $6,099.50

Floor Price: $6,311.30 4.08%
34) Candy Collective: Genesis Collection
Average Price: $1,224.48

Floor Price: $1,382.13 2.72%
35) TGLP Genesis
Average Price: $4,791.00

Floor Price: $5,772.53 18.41%
Average Price: $31,441.00

Floor Price: $28,863.00 3.5%
37) Nakamigos
Average Price: $444.81

Floor Price: $330.20 3.94%
38) The Potatoz
Average Price: $7,100.25

Floor Price: $7,322.27 2.77%
39) TODAY Ancient Seed
Average Price: $3,893.00

Floor Price: $4,631.91 27.56%
40) Otherdeed For Otherside
Average Price: $758.85

Floor Price: $722.91 1.52%
41) RTFKT Animus Egg 🥚
Average Price: $405.73

Floor Price: $412.62 10.48%
42) Creepz By OVERLORD
Average Price: $8,260.00

Floor Price: $7,695.58 3.09%
43) QQL Mint Pass
Average Price: $7,640.00

Floor Price: $7,719.85 3.95%
44) Bursted Bubbles By Deblock
Average Price: $11,155.00

Floor Price: $3,203.74 1.63%
45) Moonbirds
Average Price: $2,384.11

Floor Price: $2,366.52 2.13%
Average Price: $496.51

Floor Price: $403.84 4.39%
47) The Grapes
Average Price: $563.05

Floor Price: $615.81 4.12%
48) CyberKongz (Babies)
Average Price: $2,549.13

Floor Price: $2,597.64 12.15%
49) RG Bytes
Average Price: $1,350.47

Floor Price: $1,343.25 2.05%
50) Persona
Average Price: $896.20

Floor Price: $868.48 2.5%
Prices shown are as of 2024-05-26 17:00:16 CST
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2024-05-25 14:01:08
SEC’s approval of Ethereum ETFs still leaves some questions on whether ETH is a security, lawyers say

The SEC's approval of spot Ethereum products left some this past week wondering — is ether a commodity now?
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Delaware Court Revives BitGo’s $100M Lawsuit Against Galaxy Digital

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On Wednesday, a Texas federal court judge ruled in favor of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the case against crypto influencer Ian...
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BitGo’s $100M suit against Galaxy can proceed — Delaware Supreme Court

After being dismissed by the Delaware Court of Chancery in 2023, the state’s supreme court ruled the definition of the merger agreement between BitGo...
2024-05-24 16:59:43
Investigation finds FTX bankruptcy lawyer didn’t conspire with FTX

An independent probe found that Sullivan & Cromwell was not complicit in the now-defunct exchange's fraud.
2024-05-24 16:36:27
Coinbase makes another push to appeal its case against the SEC, citing lawmakers’ FIT21 vote

Coinbase made a second push in a motion to appeal a judge's ruling in its case involving the SEC, in its latest filing.
2024-05-24 13:40:49
XRP Lawyer Challenges SEC’s Cryptocurrency Classification: Ethereum vs. Solana and Cardano

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CatCoin demands BitForex resolve token withdrawals, hints at lawsuit

The CatCoin team urged BitForex to respond to their grievances via a designated email address, marking a last-ditch effort before potentially escalati...
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Ethereum (ETH) Statement from Consensys, Which Filed a Lawsuit with the SEC! "He Both Praised and Criticized!"

Spot Ethereum ETF statement came from Consensys, which filed a lawsuit with the SEC. He both praised and criticized the SEC for its ETH decision. Con...
2024-05-24 09:30:31
XRP Declares War On Uncertainty: Analyst Predicts Breakout Fueled By Regulation

XRP, a crypto that has faced regulatory challenges, is back in the spotlight with analyst Dark Defender predicting a potential price surge by mid-2024...
2024-05-24 08:35:19
Did the USA vote for the ban of the Fed’s CBDC?

Yesterday, a law that seems to prohibit the Fed from issuing a CBDC passed in the House, but things are more complex.
2024-05-24 06:53:27
SEC wins case against YouTuber Ian Balina for unregistered crypto ICO promo

A U.S. federal judge sided with the SEC, finding that Ian Balina broke securities laws by participating in a 2018 crypto token ICO.
2024-05-24 06:23:13
Court Rules Influencer Ian Balina Violated Securities Laws Promoting SPRK Tokens

A Texas district court has found crypto inflluencer Ian Balina guilty of violating U.S. securities laws by promoting and selling SPRK tokens without p...
2024-05-24 06:00:54
Supreme Court Rules Against Coinbase in Sweepstakes Case

The post Supreme Court Rules Against Coinbase in Sweepstakes Case appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Coinbase was defeated in the Supreme Court...
2024-05-24 05:00:37
Coinbase Bears The Brunt Of Supreme Court’s Dogecoin Verdict, DOGE Suffers 4% Slump

In a recent ruling that could have implications for the crypto industry, the US Supreme Court unanimously sided against US-based cryptocurrency exchan...
2024-05-24 00:11:47
SEC’s ETF decision means ETH and ’a lot’ of other tokens are not securities

That doesn't mean the securities regulator can't still pursue action against actors in the staking domain, industry analysts and lawyers warn.
2024-05-23 21:30:45
Court sides with SEC in case against crypto influencer Ian Balina

YouTuber Ian Balina broke U.S. securities laws when he offered and sold SPRK tokens, a Texas district court ruled on Wednesday.
2024-05-23 20:30:45
Coinbase Resumes XRP Trading In New York Amidst Ripple’s Clash With SEC

US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has made a significant move by reopening XRP trading for New York users despite the ongoing legal dispute be...
2024-05-23 19:00:16
Ethereum Soars 5.6% Ahead Of ETF Decision, Analysts Set Bigger Price Target

Ethereum (ETH) price is soaring ahead of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decision regarding the Spot ETH ETF (exchange-traded fund). Inve...
2024-05-23 16:25:02
Montenegrin Justice Minister discussed Do Kwon’s case with SEC

The Terraform Labs co-founder was still in Montenegro as his lawyers and the courts considered requests for extradition to the U.S. or South Korea.
2024-05-23 15:06:03
US lawmakers urge SEC’s Gensler to approve spot Ethereum ETF

U.S. lawmakers argued that a potential spot Ether ETF would offer investors access to ETH in a more regulated and safe format.
2024-05-23 14:19:05
JUST IN: Coinbase Gets A Defeat In Dogecoin Lawsuit

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase appears to have suffered a frustrating defeat in a 2021 Dogecoin case. Continue Reading: %%POSTLINK%%
2024-05-23 13:18:32
Lawmakers press SEC Chair Gensler to approve spot Ethereum ETFs

A group of House lawmakers urged SEC's Gensler to approve spot Ethereum ETPs as the agency faces a deadline on Thursday to make a decision.
2024-05-23 12:23:55
Lawmakers Urge SEC to Approve Spot Ethereum ETFs

U.S. lawmakers urge SEC to approve Spot Ethereum ETFs.Continue Reading:Lawmakers Urge SEC to Approve Spot Ethereum ETFs
2024-05-23 12:20:05
Ethereum (ETH) Call from US Lawmakers to the SEC! "Confirm!"

Members of Congress called on the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to approve spot Ethereum ETF applications. Continue Reading: %%POSTLINK...
2024-05-23 10:11:58
Ripple Prepares for Worst-Case Scenario in SEC Lawsuit

Ripple investors discuss the impact of FIT21 on XRP price and sales. Attorney Bill Morgan advises preparing for worst-case scenarios in the lawsuit.Co...
2024-05-23 02:00:27
Binance’s Ban Reversed By Florida Court, BNB Sees 7% Uptrend Nearing All-Time Highs

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency industry, the First District Court of Appeals in Florida has unanimously ruled against a permanent...
2024-05-23 01:35:10
Crypto Investors Experience a Surprising Week

Crypto investors are experiencing unexpected positive developments this week. The crypto law passed the US House, and Biden hinted at no veto.Continue...
2024-05-22 21:50:06
US House approves FIT21 crypto bill with bipartisan support

Democratic and Republican lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Ac...
2024-05-22 21:07:33
US lawmakers demand SEC-FINRA records on Prometheum ETH custody

Prometheum’s willingness to play along with the SEC’s ambitions for crypto regulation has stirred disapproval in many quarters.
2024-05-22 19:00:21
Lawyer Says United States SEC In A Tight Spot If They Approve Spot Ethereum ETFs

Ethereum is a top performer in the top 10 most valuable coins. At press time, ETH is up an impressive 30% and steady above $3,700 as bulls slice throu...
2024-05-22 19:00:00
Rabbit AI’s alleged NFT scam, Dolce & Gabbana’s class-action lawsuit: Nifty Newsletter

Fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana faces a class-action lawsuit over an alleged late delivery of its NFTs.
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