NFT Collection: unknown (MURAQQA) Network: Ethereum : ERC721 Total Supply: 111
Floor Price: 0.898 ETH
‘Muraqqa - Data Miniatures’ serves as a guide to the future, where history is not abandoned, but reenvisioned and given new life on displays, animated by the rhythms of silicon and code. This series ensures that miniatures, transcending temporal and geographical boundaries, continue to be celebrated across diverse civilisations, finding new relevance and meaning in our interconnected world. This project exemplifies art as a meta-discipline—a confluence of history, philosophy, nature, and science, showcasing the artist’s belief in the power of interdisciplinary connections. Mammadov's work, resonating with UNESCO's mission, stands as a testament to art’s enduring capacity to foster cultural exchange and narrate history, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the shared heritage and enduring legacy of these miniature masterpieces. ↳ [Muraqqa: Process]( ↳ [Muraqqa: Neural Impressions](
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